What to expect when dating a jamaican man

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Would you say infidelity is common and accepted in Jamaica?

This honestly dates all the way back to slavery, but to keep a long story short - I think it's common but I don't think it's “accepted” but I do think it's tolerated one too many times.

What does each gender expect from the dating game in Jamaica?

I think for the average Jamaican woman - things, money, support (financial and emotional) and for the Jamaican man, sex Name: Jeneque Pinnock Age: 23Relationship Status: Single; not sure I want to mingle Do people still date in Jamaica in 2017 or is it now just a hook-up culture?

“The Pums” (Jamaican's colloquial term for vagina, abbreviated pum-pum) makes men stupid, it slows their reflexes. As a result, normally rational, mature, progressive men do and say imbecilic things because they can’t even see right from wrong anymore…I have actually been told “If my girlfriend asks, can you not tell her that I told you that I like you”. Now please bear in mind that this is a gross over generalization meant to entertain and does not represent every man on this island.

I’m not certain but I know that of all the nationalities that I have dated Jamaican men have treated met he worst.

Yet still like a fool I keep coming back for my piece of unrequited love.

To be very honest, I have NO idea - I think Jamaica's dating scene can be whatever it is that you're looking for. Talking can last anywhere from a few weeks to years.

But they DEF lean more towards “talking” which I think is a middle ground between dating and hooking up. What has been your best and/or worst dating experience?

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