Wedgwood marks dating wedgwood pottery and porcelain Free cam chatporn

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Impressed on ornamental wares c1768 – 1780 Wedgwood and Bentley. Impressed or in relief on garnitures, vases c1768 -1780 6 and 7. Creamware was copied by potteries in France, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Italy and Sweden, many of whom acknowledged their debt to Wedgwood with the words anglaise or inglese to describe the body and/or the glaze.

It is interesting that continental copies provide one of the greatest traps for unsuspecting buyers.

Apprentices train for up to 10 years to become Master Craftspeople.

Throughout its history, Wedgwood has collaborated with the most famous artists of the day.

It encompasses the finest Wedgwood ornamental ware and luxury tableware, with each item made in England and meticulously decorated by hand by Master Craftsmen.

Bone china from c1812 to 1822 and from 1878 onwards. A few years later the Empress Catherine the Great of Russia ordered a service in Queen's Ware for fifty people, which consisted of of 952 hand-painted pieces of gardens and English scenery.Today this service is kept in the Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg.Since the time of Queen Charlotte, Wedgwood collections were to grace the tables of British monarchs and many other illustrious Heads of State, such as in the Vatican, the Kremlin and the White House.It was also the brand of choice for some of the world's most prestigious hotels.

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