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The ambassador, who defected to the National Transitional Council (NTC) earlier this year, added that the flood of immigrants was meant to punish NATO nations for its bombing campaign.

These days, hundreds of men and women live in the shade of tilting fishing boats.

The port had in recent months become a hub for human traffickers whose business of smuggling migrants into Europe, usually by way of the Italian island of Lampedusa, boomed when Gaddafi opened the illegal immigration floodgates.

In an interview with the Italian radio station Rai, Hafez Gaddour, Libyan ambassador to Italy, said Gaddafi controlled illegal immigration "in person".

At the time of the alleged rapes, the camp lay in contested territory.

But Ogiexeri said he could not tell who had carried out the attacks.

Yet he was still concerned about the security at the port and worried that publicising the women's testimony could lead to reprisals.

Johnson and Ikibueka estimated that 25 to 30 women had been raped in the camp.

Many speculated on the whereabouts of friends and family lost in the chaos of Tripoli.

And at the end they submitted to the men, and they raped them.

And after they left." 'Dark places' Johnson, Ikibueka and several male refugees alleged the attackers were rebels who shouted slurs against Gaddafi.

On the night of August 19, gunmen entered the harbour camp.

They fired their guns in the air, shouting "God is great".

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