Joongbo dating

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Both Hyunjoong & Hwangbo and Crown J & In Young couples go to a water theme park.

Meanwhile, Alex and Shin Ae reunite after being parted for 7 weeks.

Each week, couples are assigned missions to complete, with candid interviews of the participants to reveal their thoughts and feelings.

With a new format and slightly different couples, newlyweds are given a mission to complete each week.

Another mission is given, "Today is the housewarming day".

Each couple prepare food and invite people for their housewarming.

Special guests’ appearance for housewarming including: Andy & Solbi: Jung Hyung Don Crown J & In Young: Lee Hyuk Jae, Sung Soo, and Ji Sang Ryul Hwi Jae & Yeo Jeong: Ock Ju Hyun and Park Ye Jin, and Shin Bong-sun Hyun Joong & Hwangbo: SS501 - Kim Kyu Jong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Hyung Joon, Song Eun Ee, Choi Hwa-jung, and Park Shi Eun. At the end of episode, Solbi confesses in the blackroom that she lost the ring which was given to her by Andy in the previous episode.

Andy and Solbi play pool, Crown J and In Young 'finger' exercise, Alex and Shinae boxing, and Hyung Don and Saori go in-line skating. While each couple enjoy doing exercises together, Hyung Don and Saori couple get into another conflict.

The conflict brings up an argument between people in the recording studio.

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