Immediate subscriber updating

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If 'auto_collection' is turned 'on', then card attributes are mandatory and subscription will be created only if the payment was successful.

Passing card details to this API involves PCI liability at your end as sensitive card information passes through your servers.

The Plan's billing frequency will not be considered for overriding. If the Plan's billing frequency is every 3 months, and if the price override amount is , will be used, and not (i.e *3).

Creates a new subscription along with the customer.

Note: For the sites created before 1st Mar 2014, customer's billing address and 'vat_number' will be replaced automatically whenever the associated card gets updated.

In the case of card this will be the identifier provided by the gateway/card vault for the specific payment method resource.The subscription will start immediately if this parameter is not passed.Determines which region-specific language Chargebee uses to communicate with the customer.Subscription represents the recurring items a customer has subscribed to. It may also contain the discount items like coupons.Subscriptions are invoiced at the start of every term based on the recurring items and charged immediately against the customer's credit card if 'auto_collection' is turned 'on', otherwise the resulting invoice will be created as 'Payment Due'.

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