Grand theft auto iv kate dating self accommodating shear strain

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And the player can go on a rampage killing civilians (no kids, but adults and up) and start shooting police and swat units. And you can start people on fire with molotov cocktails.2) Edited: They wouldn't let me put words that weren't even bad, just to tell what this game has.If you do, your character will be dizzy, and the screen too. There are a few cigarettes around, but there are also narcotics such as cocaine. YOUR KIDS WILL FIND OUT WHAT THESE THINGS ARE SOMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!! In this review I will state the postitive and negative for a parent with the decision of letting their child own this game.

The Game-play: It's pretty easy to learn if you've not played any of the GTA games. I saw a review that said you can kill babies, theres not one child in Grand Theft Auto.You kill people by choice or missions, so the content of the game is really only should be judged by the player.Cause only you choose to go into strip clubs or have sex. I have to say, this may be one of the most fun games that I've played, mainly because it's free roam, but there are TONS of things to look out for.A lot of people around him use it because of the high money it gets, but they do have a high price to pay in the end.The Drinking: In the game, Niko can go to bars and drink with his friends, then become drunk.

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