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“You can almost very accurately calculate for every 1,000 yuan salary increase how many more winks he will receive,” he says.For women, salary doesn’t affect how many winks they receive – until they earn 50,000 yuan or more, when they see the number of winks tail off slightly.They may have lost interest altogether, or simply become bored with the repetitive sex. It may be a co-worker, an old classmate who found him on Facebook, or a chance meeting with a stranger at happy hour with the guys.It's his fault as much as yours that the thrill has diminished, the variety is non-existent and things have fallen into a rut. The thrill of something new makes him feel like a desirable man again.They will resort to anything to make the pain go away, and sex does a pretty good job of that.1. If you are feeling a little bored with your sexual routine (even if you blame him), then he is most likely bored as well. Be the one to initiate sex more often, and then take charge of the performance.

Following a one-year “lock-up period” imposed by Sina he set up a music sharing company that eventually pivoted to become Still, there is no surefire way to keep him from ever having a moment of weakness or a severe case of dumbass syndrome.So, let's begin by looking at the reasons men cheat and then try to find some possible solutions.1. The main reason why men cheat is that they have psychologically checked out of the relationship, or at least the sexual aspect of it.Maybe he gets lost in the moment and goes along with it Perhaps a few cocktails have tied and gagged his moral compass, so he screws up.3.He's suffering from some sort of emotional turmoil.

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