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My range was moderate, translating as ,000—,000.

Despite Angela’s assertions that only 30 – 40% of arrangement’s evolve into a sexual relationship and that, “just like any normal relationship no one agrees to be intimate with each other once you start dating,” the reality of my time on the website was that, 80% of the 10 men I had conversations with over the course of just one week, admitted outright they expected a physical relationship.

The stigma associated with relationships like these means there is a risk students may risk their safety, by meeting strangers, without following safety precautions advised for online dating.

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While the site has options to report messages or block users, weeding out the valued sugar daddies who are seeking more conservative dinner dates at least to start, seems likely to be a long a process.

With unemployment and emigration continuing, at least 6,000 Irish students are now signed up to sugar daddy dating sites, an increase of 17% in 2013 alone.

Generally these relationships work, whereby a wealthy benefactor otherwise known as a sugar daddy offers gifts and financial support to cash strapped sugar babies, in return for their company and, in many cases, sex.

The increasing number of college students involved isn’t unique to Ireland.

Research in the US and Europe links increasing numbers of students involved in the sex industry to debt.

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