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In 2013, as a freshman in college, I was sexually assaulted by my then-girlfriend, and it was months before I even considered the possibility that what happened to me could have been accurately termed “rape.” About six months afterwards, I was reading a personal story online by a female college student about her own assault when I paused and realized how similar the event that she described was to my own experience.

I felt confident based on the details that she provided that what had happened to her was definitely rape, and yet a simple reversal of the genders of the characters threw that fact into question.

Dylan Moran's cameo as a pretentious fashion photographer was worth tuning in for alone, but Shona's trio of unlikely helpers were also very entertaining.

They showered her with inanely supportive compliments and dubious advice, including "Give your arse to the light!

though i cant stand a romantic movie when im single. want to become independant, count on no one but my future lover. my achilles heel is studs and other soft butches or butch.

Im a bit freaky in bed as in i like to be dominated. im a student now, trying to be a medical assistant.

travel, stimulating conversation (intellectual, comedic, wide variety of opinions etc), hanging out with friends, movies, reading, knitting and sewing as well as studying and sharing Spirituality.

She described the guy as a close friend with whom she’d spent a lot of time throughout college, but with whom she had never been physically intimate and to whom she had never previously indicated romantic interest.

As they were sitting together on her bed talking, he began touching her (unsolicited).

" and "You're better than all those big Dutch girls, honey!

Spurred by Conor Friedersdorf’s piece “The Understudied Female Sexual Predator,” readers share a broad range of personal experiences around nonconsensual sex and grapple with their meaning.

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