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“Data,” according to Sam Yagan, one of OKC’s founders, “is key to sorting through all of these people”.Because OKC is free and encourages its users to submit personal information on their lifestyles, the site has exclusive access to large swathes of data, which it uses to improve user interaction.As Tinder becomes increasingly popular, these three sites risk being cannibalized and overshadowed by one another. However, as company records show, The Match Group has skillfully avoided that situation by differentiating and showering equal love on each of its companies.In this respect, OKC, as we’ve shown, has a done a brilliant job in brand and product differentiation.“The Best Questions for a First Date”, “Race and Attraction, 2009-2014”).Each article reveals empirically substantiated trends, observations, and analyses on modern dating.By ‘sciencing’ your love life, OKC services obtain greater legitimacy and objectivity.

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This digital onslaught of dating sites and apps has led to increased industrial competition and the risk of an oversaturated market.A year after its launch, OKTrends generated over 2 million new OKC users.Equipped with exclusive data and great storytelling, OKTrends secured OKC’s dominant place in the online dating industry—and it did that without any form of paid advertising. Apparently, OKC, and its rivals, Tinder and, are owned by the same parent company, The Match Group.Started in 2004 by four Harvard Math majors, OKC is strikingly, a data-driven brand.Its creators believed that data was crucial in differentiating the company from its competitors, and in optimizing its users’ matchmaking odds.

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