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The victim, a second year BA student of Derozio College, was walking home along the Kamduni BDO Office Road in the afternoon, when she was abducted and taken inside a factory where she was gang-raped by at least nine men.

After raping her, the perpetrators tore apart her legs up to the navel, slit her throat and dumped her body into a nearby field.

When the former blamed the CPI(M) for this crime, his car was damaged by the protesters.

On 11 June, the Kamduni residents staged a protest march in Barasat.

Otera stopped inside the wooden hut of a local villager Dilip Ghosh - sparking fears that she was trying to snatch his ten-year-old daughter.

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On 17 June, Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, visited Kamduni.

On 20 June, eminent intellectuals including filmmaker Aparna Sen held a protest meet at College Square.

On 21 June, the intellectuals of Kolkata led by poet Shankha Ghosh and actor Soumitra Chatterjee among others, convened a protest march from College Street to the Metro Channel in protest against the growing crimes against women in the state and the Barasat gang rape and murder incident in particular.

On 12 June, the brothers of the victim met the Chief Minister at the Writers Building.

The Chief Minister offered a government job to the elder brother, offered to bear the cost of treatment of the victim's parents and the cost of education of the younger brother.

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