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When you come to meet her, get ready for big bundle of energy–Cleo is already growing into a big girl who loves to romp and play in a big way!

Cleo’s perfect forever person or family loves to play tug-of-war, run around the yard or the beach, and keep a stockpile of doggie toys. Sadly, she was left by her family when they moved out of the state.

In fact, after you’ve introduced yourselves he’ll get so excited to see you his whole body starts to wiggle with excitement!

Dodger quickly became a staff favorite not only from his personality, but also because he walks excellent on a leash, and knows basic commands.

When you’re running a trail with her, be prepared to take a few breaks–Lefty may suddenly stop, drop, and roll on the ground for a good back scratch.

The handful of amazing volunteers who have their hearts broken day in and day out, spend as much time with these animals as they physically can, and take beautiful volunteer photos of them. Intake photos are named so because they’re taken upon intake. Dogs who are severely matted, typically do receive a medical shave when the medical staff can get to them. Animals are pulled with no pledges every day because a rescue has fosters or adopters for those particular animals, and animals with huge pledges get killed because rescues do not have fosters or adopters for those particular dogs or cats.She can be with other dogs under the right circumstances.She would be best in a home with a fenced-in backyard where she can work off some of her extra energy. The vast majority of them don’t have facilities where they can hold dogs and cats indefinitely, they don’t have unlimited financial resources, they don’t have foster homes just waiting around lazily for an animal to take in.“Why are you not sending dogs and cats to the other side of the country?

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